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Performance Management

This consulting module is designed to help the bank to define and organize the business information in a way which enables effective decision making at all levels of the management hierarchy, starting from the performance goals and measurement metrics for the bank as a whole, down to the functional areas such as sales, marketing or product development.

In our consulting work, we promote the philosophy of creating the lasting, long term value through customer orientation and profitable growth. Together with managers, we extend the performance goals and metrics from the strategic and operational plans, and select those that best show how the bank, segment, specific function or employee are achieving their specific, financial and non-financial targets. Information for monitoring achievements and exceptions are organized according to the functional responsibility of individual managers or employees.

We help the bank to:

  • Establish profitability measurement methodology.
  • Define performance metrics and indicators.
  • Define exception levels and warning indicators.
  • Define the incentive plan for managers and employees
  • Group information in periodical reports and ad-hoc queries.
  • Produce report data definitions.
  • Produce fully defined underlying data model for management reports and analytics.
  • Define specific functional requirements and project plans for the subsequent DSS Solution implementation.
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